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Some Final Polishing
Thu, 30 Aug 2007 01:35:48 -0500

I am about to link to my "About Me" page from my CS 366 Blackboard discussion board as part of homework 1, the purpose of which is to get to know my peers. I figure, I will try to finish anything that looks fairly unfinished before doing so, added file mod timestamps to the footer and some random places, don't quite know what to put in the header. I think for now it's just going to be IP/hostname of the visitor. ~FredK

Cleaning Up and Fixing Bugs
Wed, 29 Aug 2007 02:42:25 -0500

OK, so I cheated and used a table to layout this middle section of the site, I know thats not the "right" way of doing things, but until browsers all interperet css the same, I'm going with the tried this time. ~FredK

Major Site Rebuild
Sun, 26 Aug 2007 06:14:17 -0500

New color scheme, new layout, new code... soon to have new content! So I threw this together tonight and... ugh, I hate cross browser compatibility - anyone viewing this should try to view it in Internet Explorer 7 only until further notice. If tables are out, you would think that everyone could at least agree on a working CSS alternative that can do something simple on multiple browsers, like having two columns that are separated in the middle and extend to the same height as the longest of the two. ~FredK
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